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Dragon Track Reviews!!

Dragon Track Reviews

Here is a selection of reviews on the main Dragon Downhill track at Wentwood. If you want to add your views then fill in a form HERE.

*A comment based on the replies given in the reviews*
The push up has been described as quite hard, compared to most if not all other tracks in the area it is relatively easy and quicker.

Average track rating 4.75/5

Name: Tom
Its a great track. Sweet, fast and long. so want to go again, easy to find and very well built.
Thanks a great track x
Good Points: Well built, great track, easy to find, well made jumps drops and berms.
Bad Points:
The walk up x

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Name: Alex
I must say the track is just plain awesome, well built, good cornering, good jumps, and a chicken run for the less experienced riders (such as myself......)
Good Points: Everything (apart from one minor thing)!
A lot better than my local riding spot.
Bad Points:
The walk up... that is hard...

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Name: Jamie
We had a great days riding at Wentwood -Obviously not the longest track in the world but it\'s flat out, pretty steep and great practice for your cornering. Give it a spin if your in the area, guaranteed to be something you\'ll enjoy.
Cheers to Tom and the locals for showing us round!
Good Points:
Road gaps, loads of great turns, good local pub.
Bad Points:
Imminent demise of the road gap...

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Name: Pat Tarry
That was such a sweet track, me and my mates are definitely going to ride there more often, good sections, fun jumps but a bit of a nasty push up (during wet)
Good Points:
Awesome switchbacks, nice roadgaps, easy to get too, well built (no dodgy obstacles/jumps)
Bad points: 
Bit of a nasty push up, but cant really help that

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Name: Josh
A brilliant track ideal for anyone wanting to have a go at downhill full of nice flowy lines and good obstacles such as road gaps an jumps. It is a nice track for any intermediate rider looking to progress as there are chicken runs for the road gaps so you don't have to hit them if you don't feel confident enough. the track is full of nice flowy berms into technical sections. overall this track get a recommendation off me as its helped me gain confidence with my riding.
Good Points:
Nice flowy course with good obstacles.
Bad Points:

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Name: Awesome-O
Wentwood is a great place to ride. The downhill track is an awesome ride. Really flowy, i've always had a good time there. And the push isn't bad at all so you can get loads of runs in before your dead.
Good Points:
Good Ride to Push Ratio, Fun, Flows well
Bad Points:
Could be longer.

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Name: Josh B
Review: The Wentwood track is wicked apart from the push up. But its definitely worth the push.
Good Points: The two Road Gaps
Bad Points: The Push back to the top.

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Name: Joe
Review: I do advise riders to come to the Wentwood dragon downhill track because it is able to test all and every riders ability on the track! The more you go the miles, the more you will enjoy it!! When you do go up you can meet new people that take care of the track, and if you have not enjoyed your time going up there you must be crazy !!! My favourite local track for me and i am sure for many other's that go to ride downhill there !!. GO NOW
Good Points: mostly the good points on the downhill dragon are that it is a fun track to ride. With a lot of fun obstacles as you go on down it. There are two road gaps on the track that are really fun, one is bigger than the other. the berms on the track are built well so that the rider can take them well and fast.
Bad Points: To be honest there are not a lot of problems to the track because it is always being changed by local riders (WentwoodDownhill) that take care and look after the track. The only one problem is the MXers who go and ride near there. Other than that it is a great track fun for all riders.

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